APO Alpha Phi Omega - Theta Epsilon

Fall 2012 Executive Board

Kevin Farrell

VP of Service
Angie Pusateri

VP of Service
Lauren Haley

VP of Membership
Liz Hidaka

VP of Fellowship
Melanie Matta

Andrew Young

Sarah Beechy

VP of Leadership
Kurt Scheler

Sargeant at Arms
John Hummel

Public Relations Chair
Emily Szymczak

External Relations Chair

Fundraising Chair
Christian Acasio

Philanthropy Chair
Rachel Duxler

Internal Relations Chair
Lauren Brask

Jason Manley

Merchandise Chair
Janine Long

Hannah Proffitt

Alumni Secretary
Jacqueline Ratliff

Children's Carnival Co-Chair

Arielle Rosenberg

Pledge Trainers

Amanda Hurst and Nehemiah "Neo" Chung

Children's Carnival Co-Chair

Kristine Bull

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