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Our Adopted Child - Maria

LuzMeet Alpha Phi Omega - Theta Epsilon's adopted child, Maria from Leon, Nicaragua. She is eight years old (almost nine!) and lives with her parents and her 3 sisters. She goes to San Fermando School where math is her favorite subject. When she is not studying at school, she enjoys to draw and helps her family out by cleaning the backyard.

Birthday: March 31, 1998
Home: Leon,Nicaragua
Father: Santos Humberto Quiroz
Mother: Sandra Duron
Sisters: Clementina (1996), Ileana (2003), Sandra (2004)
Language: Spanish
Favorite Subject: Math
Hobbies: Drawing
Chores: Cleans Backyard

The family is very poor, making about $40 a month. They live in a clay house with dirt floors, get water from a community well and cook using fire. Her father harvests vegetables and her mom takes care of the children.

Our goal is to raise $240 by the end of the semester. This will cover us over the summer untl September. Thanks for bringing in your spare change and keep it up.

The charity we are using is Christan Foundation for Children and Aging which received four stars from Charity Navigator and an A+ from Charity Watch

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